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Groom, Grooms, Groome or Groomer, etc.

Whether you are a Groom, Grooms, Groome or Groomer, you will find a multitude of information about these families. We want to thank all of you that have contributed. We couldn't do this without your support. Janis has done an exceptional job of acquiring all of this information and thank her for her continued support. We want to keep the website going and growing. Visit it here at Grooms Family Page

The site has gone through an upgrade and has a new look. We hope you like the layout to be easy to use. Your comments are appreciated. If you'd like to contact us, feel free to drop us an email to .

We have kept your old favorite items and have added a few new sections to keep up with all of the information available. The Sidebar will always be on the left to help guide you through the many pages here. The box at the bottom will keep you up to date on new information.

Our first bit of news is our personal rule on privitazation. We feel that you should be comfortable sharing your family history and genealogical information about your extended family and know your data is safe and confident. For this reason, we have created this rule:

To protect the vital information of living individuals we will be privatizing the information posted on this web site. Privatizing consists of removing the vital information such as full name and birth date etc for living individuals. It is common practice to privatize to 100 years. This means if no death information is listed for a person with a birth dated of 100 years or less it will be assumed that person is still living and vital information will be removed. If you are able to privatize the information you send to be posted and shared on the Groom/Grooms web site such as a descendant outline - please do so. If you are unable to do this, we will do it before the information is posted. I hope you all understand the dangers of identity theft and why this is necessary.



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