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Three Brothers

Londeen, Londene, Lundine, Linquist, Lay, etc.

Whether you are a Londeen, Londene, or Lundine your information search should start here. It shouldn't be surprising that we are able to trace our ancestors back to a common region. We have gathered more information and want to share it with you. If you have information to share, drop an email to   or  and we will get it posted for all to see. From reunions to vacations, we want to help get the word out. If you haven't heard of the Family Tree DNA project and want to participate in some really facinating geneological research, please inquire or visit,  www.familytreedna.com .

Londene Family Reunion

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Lay Family Reunion

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More info to come

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Call The Vet

October 2012

bookcoverThis book is a dramatic and colorful story of a young girl born in the dust bowl days and depression years in Western Kansas. After college she met a young man also a survivor of the depression who swept her off her feet. They worked their way through his college degree and moved to New Mexico where they were enjoying the new house and casual family life. Their college dream was to someday buy an old house and remodel it. The family of Gene and Donna with their three children Denise, Darlene and Darrell located a house with some acreage in the South Valley of Albuquerque, sold their new house in the heights and moved to this old dilapidated farm house. They never realized the problems to come in raising a family on a small run down farm and horse ranch. Her story provides a written and visual history of the city girl turned farmer and follows her through eighty years of troubles and humorous activities. Her new life of learning to deal with animals and farm life required her to rely on advice and aid from her veterinarian, which resulted in the frequently used phrase
"Call The Vet".

Carl and Donna have made a great website for the Call The Vet.
Ordering is easy with Paypal or mail in order form. A hardback or paperback book is available.
Click this link to go to the order page.


Lay Reunion

August 2010

The Lay Reunion was held at the Restaurant formally known as "Lena's". Oh what memories returned as we passed through the doors. A favorite spot for Birthday's. Lena, herself, would come out and administer the famous birthday spank with a birthday patron signed paddle. The paddles were hung on the walls all throughout the dining areas. There have been many famous people who have received Lena's celebration, including our 34th President.

There were many requests for Lay family information, and as promised, below are links to the Lay Family History we have uncovered.

Our family tree research startring with Thomas Henry Lay, Birth: 24 OCT 1836 in Luxulion, Cornwall, England
Thomas Henry Lay

A link to his headstone at Find A Grave.com
Thomas Henry Lay Headstone

Photos of Lay Relatives and many unidentified photos at PicasaWeb.
Relative Photos

The Lay Family History written by Lucy Ann Graham from information given by family members at the Lay Family Reunion held on September 30, 1938 at the home of George Lay, Gypsum, Kansas
Lay Family History Hand Written Notes
Lay Family History Transcribed

If you have any photos or items your would like to share items from the reunion, send an email to   .


Londene Reunion

August 2010

We attended another fine Londene reunion. There were Londene's, Londeen's, Lay's, Linquist's and more in attendance. If you don't know what the term 'Thrasher Food' is then you better attend the next reunion. Many of the recipes from days gone by were served to hungry relatives. It is sad to say that the newer generations will only know of thrashers from their history books.

A nice card was signed sending our "Get Well's" to Duane, who was unable to attend. We send our best wishes.

Another card was signed wishing Bess Lundine a Big Hello from Kansas. Chuck Lundine was a great mentor in our genealogy research. Bess has handed down Chuck's materials for us to archive and add to our collection. We thank Bess for these precious and valuable volumes of family information. Now it is time to learn Swedish.

If you have any photos or items your would like to share from the reunion, an email to   .


Our new project

August, 15, 2008

Many of you have allowed Donna and I to scan your precious memories to help fill our family trees. Your photos have added to our research greatly. We have collected a few photos that the subjects are unknown. Relatives from long ago, but not forgotten. We are posting them online in albums in hopes that someone will recognize someone. A special note of thanks to Dotti for sharing her pristine collection of photos. It is incredible to hold photos that were taken nearly one hundred years ago. Now, if we can just determine who they are.
We have created several albums containing photos of relatives are listed as unknown. If you happen to know who they are leave a comment with the photo or send an email to  .  Click on the links below to view the photo albums.

Lay Family Photos

With Names - Londene, Londeen,
Lay, Lindquist descendant photos

Abilene, KS - old unidentified pictures

Salina - old unidentified pictures

Dickinson, Saline or Ellworth

The main link to the photos is here Photo Albums.


Londeen/Bever Cousins

I have to say that when it comes to fun and exictement, my cousins have been one of the greatest sources amusement. Are you able to tell that it has been over fifty years between these two photos. What do you think? Can you match some of the faces between the two photos? Here's another bit of fun information. Some of these cousins are 'double' cousins. Can you guess who?

Memories of Gold

Random foliage

Memories of Gold is a must have book for anyone who lived in central Kansas. If you want to relive the times of the era, then this book is for you. Fred has done an excellent job of bringing back the memories he had of growing up in the midwest.


Personal Note

A personal note:
Do kids really listen to their parents? Well, from the photos above, I do have to say, we listened and "cleaned up pretty well".

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