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Londeen.com by David Londeen

Londeen.com has been updated. We have taken another look at the information we have been gathering and the information you have been requesting. The result is a new look and a website that's made to help share information. We have gathered more information and want to share it with you. There are new sections to get you heading towards the information you want; Londeen, South Central Kansas Researcher, Grooms, Links and of course Contacts to correspond with us. We have even started listing information for Linquists and Lay relatives.


  Three Brothers

Londeen, Londene, Lundine, Linquist, Lay, etc.

Check out our new project. Help name the unknown relatives. We have posted many photos with faces we just can't put a name to. Its worth a look just to see some pieces of family history.

There is a new section to list upcoming reunions. Let us know and we will add it to the list. The more the merrier. It does take attendance to make these reunions happen. If you don't go you will never know who you will have missed meeting. Your loss and an extra slice of pie for me. We have just returned from several reunions, Londene & Lay and had excellent times at both. There are new links to photos and more family information here.

There is a new must have book for your bookshelves, "Call The Vet" written by Carl and Donna Londene. A dramatic and colorful true life story of a city girl raising three small children while adapting to life on the farm. Donna resorts to calling the vet to help through the tragedies, hardships, surprises and joys of farm life. more...



South Central Kansas Researcher

Needing help with your family tree?
We can answer most any question about researching your ancestry, such as;
     Where can I find census pages?
     How do I read a census page?
     Do I need a computer?
     Am I able to find many people using the internet?
     . . . and many more.

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Grooms at Londeen.com

Several years ago we were offered to take the baton for administrating the  Grooms Family Page. Donna has ancestors tracing all through the Grooms lines and we wanted to keep that information flowing. The site has been growing with new information being submitted by Grooms relatives.




We have found many websites that every researcher should have in their Favorite's List.  Click here to get to the shortcuts we have discovered.


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